Diary Of A Bad Day.  

Bobo, the 8 month old baby from next door is wailing something horrible. I wake with a start. My head is banging seriously and it feels like it wants to split into two.It must be because I didn't eat yesternight, I muse loudly to myself. I heard hunger causes headaches.  I'm not in the mood... Continue Reading →

Peopleholic’s Adventures

An addiction is an addiction, no two ways about it. Ask an alcoholic, he would describe the uncontrollable yearn to taste the wicked brew; a deep unfathomable thirst that truckloads of water cannot quench. There is something inexplicable about an addictive nature. Whatever you are addicted to, winds itself around you, choking you, demanding your... Continue Reading →

My Close Shave With Death

Friday is my best day of the week. Don't ask me why because for the life of me, I cannot give you a clear cut answer. But I mostly allude my crush on Friday as the aftermath of primary school assembly. I vividly remember my favorite marching song, "Monday we go to school,Tuesday we go... Continue Reading →

NANNIES: Helps or Threats?

Over the years, it has become the norm for parents to hire nannies to take care of their children due to their super tight schedules. Unlike in the days of old when the onus of providing for the home rested solely on the man, the woman has become a core participant and role player in... Continue Reading →

Please Listen

Talk is cheap,yeah. So annoyingly cheap is the art of talking compared to its corresponding and complementary act:LISTENING. Everyone seems interested in learning how to speak better,express themselves more eloquently and become more vocally efficient. In fact,there are lots of public speaking schools and institutions springing up. Speech contests are the order of the day... Continue Reading →

The Confessions Of A Peopleholic(part 1)

Yep it's true. Very correct. I'm a peopleholic. *relieved*  *out of chest*. That's it. I love to meet people, socialize, mingle... You name it. Being alone? All by myself?That's the exact picture of horrible in my books. When I was a little girl, mum(much to my annoyance), would lock my sisters and I in the... Continue Reading →

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